Redgum Firewood

Product Description

Redgum - Victoria's Number one selling Firewood. Nothing feels as wonderful, warm and comforting on a chilly night than a roaring fire with aromatic wood. Redgum is Melbourne's best known and most popular firewood. Long lasting with a good heat and low flames, it creates large coals that are perfect for heating and cooking over due to high retained heat. Redgum firewood generally burns at a higher temperature and leaves very little ash which makes cleaning your fire place an easier and not so time-consuming job. Redgum offers great versatility in its uses. It is popularly used in wood fired ovens as it provides maximum heat for maximum crispy pizzas. Starting easily with kindling and coming home strong with an efficient, long lasting heat, Redgum will have you warming your toes all through the night. Stock up on some good firewood for that crackling fire and enjoy snuggling up in front of your cosy fire sipping on your favourite drink. Relax this winter in Melbourne and come home to a nice warm fire!

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$355.00 Per tonne

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